“It’s remarkable how accurate the Panalux Sonara 4:4 is.
Whatever I tried to match it to, it matched perfectly.”

John ‘Biggles’ Higgins, Gaffer

Cinematographers place a premium on properly rendered skin tones. The innovative LED Array in the new Panalux Sonara 4:4 provides cinematographers with the highest level of creative control.

Fixture Overview

Top Features

The Panalux Sonara 4:4 produces an unparalleled broad, even spectrum of pure white light, from profoundly warm to incredibly cold.
With an incredible SSI score of 82, the Panalux Sonara 4:4 produces light close to true tungsten or daylight. Reliable, repeatable, accurate colour is delivered every time.
Incorporating multiple connectivity options with native LumenRadio CRMX, ArtNet, and Primary/Clone functionality, as well as a detachable controller, the Panalux Sonara 4:4 has you covered however you like to work.
When it comes to luminous intensity, the Panalux Sonara 4:4 is bright. Really bright. And with a 4’ square aperture and 120° beam angle, you’ll get beautifully soft, wraparound light on any subject.
The Panalux Sonara 4:4 is remarkably energy efficient. Capable of running on a domestic supply, the low-energy LED technology makes the fixture easy to use wherever you’re shooting.
Not only can the Panalux Sonara 4:4 produce a broad spectrum of white light, it can also be tuned across a wide array of nuanced pastel hues and selected LEE Filters lighting gels, further expanding your creative possibilities.
Take command of the Panalux Sonara 4:4 with CCT, HSI, Gel, Primary/Clone, and x,y coordinate modes. Did we mention the controller is removeable?

Advanced Control

Enhanced Creativity at Your Fingertips
Offering complete creative control, the Panalux Sonara 4:4’s unique, detachable controller incorporates adjustable White, HSI and Gel modes, x,y coordinate control, and four dedicated preset buttons to save custom-tuned colours.

Connecting Made Easy

CRMX Native
Immediately link to any compatible LumenRadio transmitter at the touch of a button. This is wireless DMX you can rely on.
Fitted with in- and through-connectors, the Panalux Sonara 4:4 auto-terminates and interfaces with the industry’s most dependable lighting control system.
With a rugged Neutrik etherCON connector, the Panalux Sonara 4:4 is ready to plug into the industry’s most advanced lighting network systems.

Colour Science

The Panalux Sonara 4:4 uses advanced colour technology, ensuring accurate colour rendition and preserving your creative intent from production to post.
Chromacity correct colours

Vari-White +

Extended Colour Control
The broad, even spectrum of white light produced by the Panalux Sonara 4:4 comes with much more than just green/magenta correction. With its innovative LED array, the fixture can be tuned across a gamut of subtle, nuanced hues, and can even reproduce select LEE Filters lighting gels with a built-in gel library, from Surprise Peach to Rose Purple. The Panalux Sonara 4:4 offers creative freedom unlike any other available bi-colour fixture.

Technical Specifications

Cased dimensions
1564 x 1760 x 666
Weight (kg)
43.4kg (Including stirrup)
Dimensions (mm)
1248 x 1248 x 134
Power Draw (W)
Lux @ 3m (3200°K)
Lux @ 3m (5600°K)
CCT Range
1600K – 20000K
Light Aperture (mm)
1196 x 1196
Beam Angle (°)
Protection Rating
Stirrup with 28mm spigot/six M12 fixings in corners and on centre line
Power Supply Input
110-240V 50/60Hz
Power Input Connector
Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
Local / DMX / ArtNet / CRMX
Wireless Control
LumenRadio CRMX native
Tested to 10,000fps
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